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Biography of Tayebnia, proposed as minister of Economic Affairs and Finance

Tehran, Aug 5, IRNA – President Hassan Rohani in his swearing-in ceremony at Majlis on Sunday proposed Ali Tayebnia to the portfolio of Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance.

The following is the summary of his biography:

Tayebnia, 53, served as the Secretary of the Economic Commission in the cabinet from 1997-2000. He retained the post in 2005-07.

He became the deputy head of the Presidential Office for Planning under President Mohammad Khatami from 2001-05.

He also served as deputy head of the Economic and the Plan and Budget Coordination Affairs Bureau in the Economic Affairs Department of the State Management and Planning Organization.

Among his other capacities were member of the Research Council of the Inspectorate Organization, member of the Monetary and Credit Council, the monetary and banking and central bank expert at the Council, member of the research council in the presidential office, senior expert in the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) with the responsibility to prepare national program to upgrade productivity in Iran.


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